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Dogs are more responsive to women’s voices, here are the study results

Dogs are more responsive to women’s voices, here are the study results

Maybe dogs are synonymous as men’s best friends. However, a recent study in the journal Communications Biology found that these saber-toothed animals are actually more sensitive to women’s high-pitched voices.
Researcher Anne Gergely and colleagues from the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology and Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary found that dogs actually listen to humans talking to them. Like babies, they understand human speech through certain pitch preferences.

Sad Like Humans, Dogs Also Grieve When Their Friends Die
Babies are indeed sensitive to baby talk , which is a way of speaking in a high pitch with exaggerated vocals for brain development, as in research by Laia Fibla and colleagues in the Journal of Neuroscience. However, this sensitivity is slightly different from dogs.

Because, however, dogs are not used to hearing a woman’s voice from inside the womb. In addition, there is no special high-pitched communication method when interacting with dogs.

Similar Sensitivity of Dogs and Human Babies
The research team trained 19 dogs ( winchesterrawstore ) consisting of 8 different breeds, aged between 2 and 10 years. The dogs underwent brain scans with an fMRI machine.

While each dog underwent the scan, they also listened to recordings of scientists playing three types of human speech. The speech is a speech to a dog, a speech to a baby, and a speech to other adult humans by the voice of an adult man and sometimes an adult woman.

The results of the experiment showed that dogs reacted more when they heard sounds with exaggerated vowels or tones, such as those heard by babies, and coincidentally the sound came from an adult female speaker.

Anna Gabor, a neuroethologist from Eötvös Loránd University, explained that it is possible that this response arises because women talk more to dogs.

«Perhaps this is due to the fact that women talk to dogs more often than men, in terms of tone, rhythm and emotion,» he explained, quoted from Science Alert.

Benefits of Knowing Dog Sensitivity

In previous research by Simon Sulpizio and colleagues in the journal Infant Behavior and Development , neurologists found that there are parts of babies’ brains that ‘light up’ when they hear baby talk.

Regarding the human-like nature of pet dogs, scientists then made two main hypotheses. First, it is likely that mammals are sensitive to higher tones and greater frequency variability. This feature has long been used by humans to tame wolves.

Second, dogs that are not yet tame have greater sensitivity to human speech. They tend to get close to humans because they pay attention to their vocal cues.

Research by Melissa Gabriela Bravo Fonseca and colleagues in the journal Animals shows that wolves are more responsive to low-pitched speech. Meanwhile, dogs are more responsive to high-pitched speech.

By knowing the nature of this dog, humans know that pets can be role models when babies can’t talk yet.

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