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Typical United States Food Proof of Uncle Sam’s Culinary Diversity!

Typical United States Food Proof of Uncle Sam’s Culinary Diversity!

There are many typical United States foods that Grameds can find in Indonesia. Hamburgers, cheesesteaks, barbeque, hot dogs, or other foods. It’s not wrong, it’s just that there are other foods that you need to know about.

However, when we talk about native food from a particular country or region, it is definitely related to culture. This is because all countries in the world adapt their food and cooking techniques to each other.

For example, tempura is an authentic Japanese food. Does Grameds know that the Japanese actually learned how to fry food in batter from Portuguese traders?

Yes, around the 16th century, Portuguese traders and missionaries came to Nagasaki. Even the name «tempura» itself comes from the word «tempero» which means seasoning in Portuguese or from the word «Quatuor Tempora» Latin for Ember days. A day when Christians are required to consume fish and vegetables.

In the United States itself, many foods are «borrowed» from other countries. Because many immigrants have come to the country and influenced the food style. For example, chefs from China who live in America and try to combine Chinese and American cooking techniques to create new foods.

California Roll

First is the California Roll, which looks very similar to Sushi. Interestingly, the history of this food is still unclear because according to thedailymail.com, British Columbia – a chef from Los Angeles and Vancouver – claims that he is the inventor of the California Roll.

On the other hand, Ken Sousa, who works in Los Angeles, also claims to be the owner of this food. Ken even has sufficient supporting evidence, namely a documentary article from the Associated Press which was published in 1979.

Despite its history, California roll has a stronger taste than authentic Japanese sushi and uses more ingredients. This food is made from avocado, cucumber and imitation crab with seaweed inside.


Chimichanga is a food that looks and tastes more like Mexican food. Although Chimichanga was actually first discovered in El Charro, Tucson, Arizona. Based on stories circulating in Arizona society, this food was discovered by accident.

Precisely when restaurant owner Monica Flin accidentally dropped a burrito into the fryer. Instead of picking it up, he shouted a word that comes from Spanish, namely «Chimichanga!».

Apart from that, there is also another version told by the founder of the Macayo Mexican Table restaurant. He admitted that he found this food in the same way. But despite its origins, Chimichanga is a typical Arizona food and has become one of the most iconic foods in America.

Cuban Sandwich

Often we assume that food that uses the name of a country actually comes from that country, such as «Turkish Kebab» for example. However, not everything is like that.

This Cuban Sandwich from America is one of them. This food, which has the other name «Cubano», has quite a complicated background. The reason is that native Cubans most likely make fish sandwiches with cassava bread.

However, the Spanish brought the main ingredients for this sandwich, namely cheese and bread made from wheat flour and pork. Furthermore, around the 1800s when the tobacco industry began to develop, travel between Cuba and South Florida was common.

At that time, the workers in the cigar factory needed a fast food lunch that tasted good. Then as time progressed, cultures and food ingredients continued to mix.

This then gave birth to the “modern” Cuban Sandwich – which is often found in the United States and is made from crispy Cuban bread, yellow mustard, roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, and pickles – in the Sunshine State, click here.

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