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These 5 European Foods are Famous in the World! Must try it

These 5 European Foods are Famous in the World! Must try it

European food is a term used to refer to dishes originating from Europe and other regions influenced by European settlers, such as Australia and America. There are quite significant differences between European cuisine and Asian cuisine, starting from the ingredients, spices used, how to make it, to how to serve it.

Even though they are different, there are quite a few European dishes that are suitable for Asian tastes, including Indonesia. In fact, there are many restaurants that serve various types of food from Europe with quite a lot of fans. Curious to try the most famous food from Europe? Come on, take a look at the following review first.

1. Pizza, Italy

Pizza is a very popular specialty food from Italy. Not only found in Italian restaurants, pizza is now also served in various fast food restaurants in Indonesia. There are many cafes or eating places that serve pizza with very diverse variations.

Round and flat pizza shape. The diameter is about 30 cm. There are also smaller or larger ones. Especially for authentic pizza from Italy, it is thin so it tastes crispier. Pizza dough is baked after adding various toppings, such as cheese, meat, vegetables and sauce.

2. Sachertorte, Austria

If you visit Austria, don’t forget to try Sachertorte. This is a chocolate cake with chocolate coating and apricot jam filling. This cake was first made by Franz Sacher in 1832. At that time, Klemens Fürst Metternich, ordered his chef to make a new sweet dish for his guests. Because the original chef was sick, Sacher, who was an apprentice at the time, took the initiative to make sachertorte.

In the 20th century there was a dispute between Sacher and the Demel bakery regarding the sale of the original Sacher Torte. Demel is the bakery where Eduard Sacher studied. Eduard is the son of Franz Sacher. This is where the first Sachertorte first went on sale. In 1963, the two of them finally agreed to make different cakes, namely Original Sacher Torte and Eduard Sacher Torte.

3. Kroketten, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Another food originating from Europe, especially Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is kroketten. This is a kind of fried bread made from flour and the surface is coated with breadcrumbs. Apart from that, you can also add fillings, such as chicken, beef, ham and vegetables. It tastes crunchy and soft at the same time.

Kroketten can be found in various places in Amsterdam. In fact, these snacks are also sold in vending machines. Apart from being fried, kroketten can be baked. However, the results sometimes look patchy. This happens because there is evaporation of water in the kroketten. Over time, steam builds up and can damage the crust if the pressure is too high.

4. Frites, Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is one of the regions in Belgium that has several culinary specialties, including waffles, chocolate and frites. Frites is another name for French fries. You can buy it at street food kiosks in various corners of the city of Bruges.

It is said that frites were the beginning of various fried potato dishes in the world. The Belgians first introduced frites in the late 17th century. The idea comes from the practice of processing small fish from the Meuse River. In winter, the river freezes. The fish dish was replaced with potatoes.

5. Currywurst, Berlin, Germany

Currywurst is a fast food that comes from pork sausage. The sausage is steamed then fried, then cut into small pieces and seasoned with curry sauce, tomato sauce with curry spices, or soy sauce with curry spices. Usually, currywurst is served with French fries.

The history of currywurst began in 1949. At that time, a person named Herta Heuwer who lived in Berlin received tomato sauce and curry seasoning from British soldiers. He mixed the two with other spices, then poured it over the grilled pork sausage. Next, he started selling it in the Charlottenburg District, Berlin. This food is very popular among construction workers and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by click here

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