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German Typical Food is Famous for Being Very Delicious. Recommended

German Typical Food is Famous for Being Very Delicious. Recommended

Usually when traveling abroad, Indonesians always have problems with food. Food abroad doesn’t feel right on our tongues. But not typical German food. In this country, several typical foods suit Indonesian tastes.


Well, who doesn’t know this food? Bratwurst is a typical German sausage that is prepared by grilling. After grilling, it is served with a salad called Kartoffelsalat. But now there are more and more versions of serving Bratwurst.

There is also Bratwurst which is served with a sprinkling of cheese or onions. Bratwurst also has various variants. Some are made from beef, pork, chicken or turkey. Even if collected, there are 1,500 types of sausages in Germany, click here.

One type of grilled sausage that is famous is currywurst. This sausage is grilled and seasoned with tomato sauce and curry spices. It is said that this sausage was first discovered by a German citizen named Herta Heuwer in 1949.

This sausage is so famous that there is a museum in Berlin called Currywurst. Before enjoying bratwurst or currywurst, here are some tips for those of you who don’t eat certain types of meat. You must ask first before ordering, make sure you know the food you are eating.

Falscher Hase

This one looks similar to a steak when served. But actually the way to process it is different. Flascher Hase is a typical German food made from minced meat, eggs, flour and onions.

All these ingredients are then mixed and baked. When it is cooked, then slice it thinly and serve with mashed potatoes or fried potatoes. Don’t forget to drizzle the sauce on top. There is something interesting behind the name Falscher Hase. It turns out this name means fake rabbit. Even though it doesn’t use rabbit meat, because it looks like a rabbit’s back, it is called that.


Gulaschsuppe is a typical German culinary dish. Thick soup containing beef or pork. This meat is not cut as usual, but is chopped rather large. Usually, German people eat this soup with bread. Hmm….yummy!


Kartoffelsalat or potato salad is a typical German culinary dish, made from boiled potato pieces mixed with tomatoes, vinegar, mayonnaise, fresh onions, milk dressing, eggs and beef.

Falscher Hase

Almost the same as steak, falscher hase is a typical German food made from minced meat mixed with eggs, flour and onions. Then the meat is served sliced flat and topped with sauce. It’s really suitable to be eaten with potatoes like steak in general.


This typical food is a thick soup, made from beef or pork as the main ingredient. The meat is cut quite large and served with bread. In Indonesia, it is almost the same as red soup.

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