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The 5 Best Wine Producing Countries in the World

The 5 Best Wine Producing Countries in the World

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from grapes as the main ingredient. For western countries, wine is a mandatory treat at several important events. It’s no wonder that the price of this drink is quite good, especially if it has quality and longevity. The longer the wine is stored, the more expensive it will be. So where is wine produced? Which countries are among the best wine producers? The following will provide a list of the best wine-producing countries in the world according to https://roseandcrownsutton.com/.

List of the largest Wine Producing Countries in the World

1. Spain

Spain is not only the best wine-producing country in the world, but it turns out that Spain is also the country with the largest vineyards. But even though Spain has the largest vineyards in the world, in fact, Spain’s total wine production is still less than Italy’s. Spain’s total annual wine production reaches 5,387,379 metric tons. Grapes themselves began to be cultivated in this country since the early centuries. Meanwhile, wine began to be produced before the 1st century.

2. France

This country which is very famous for its Eiffel tower is one of the countries that produces the best in the world. France has always been synonymous with its quality wines. One of the events related to wine is held every October in the city of Chablis, Burgundy region.

Wine lovers, no matter if they are beginners or experienced, can take part in tastings, training courses, and other wine-themed activities. You can visit this place all year round and sample all the types of wine it has to offer. France’s wine production reached 5,915,882 metric tons.

3. United States

The country that bears the title of superpower is the producer of the best wine in the world. 90% of wine production from the United States is in the state of California. California can also be called the home of wine producers. The state’s climate is indeed very suitable for wine growing, so the wine production in California is very high compared to other states. However, wine is produced in almost all states in Uncle Sam’s land. The amount of wine produced by the United States reached 6,679,211 metric tons.

4. Italy

Italy is also one of the best wine-producing countries currently available. Just as France did in 2007, Italy also reduced its wine production quotas and removed many of its vineyards. Italy has reduced its wine production by 7% since 2007. However, even though production has been reduced, the total amount of production remains relatively high, reaching 7,169,745 metric tons. Italy has over a million vineyards located in almost every region of the country. For quality, the wine from the Land of Pizza no longer needs to be questioned about its quality.

5. China

The country that is nicknamed the sleeping giant is the best wine-producing country in the world. China has an area of vineyards that reach 6,000 square kilometers. No other country in the world can compete with China in terms of wine production. Chinese entrepreneurs built this industry from scratch, including the construction of factories, processing and storage areas. The originally barren desert has been transformed into a vineyard with a very sophisticated irrigation system. China’s wine production reaches 13,083,000 metric tons per year.

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